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Handmade Greetings Cards Gallery

The modern age is the age of change. Now we find the acceptability of new ideas at all levels. Starting from the acceptability of new ideas in all fields of our day to day activities, same way while sending greeting cards to close relatives, friends, and corporate circles and also to the near and dear ones we find that most of the people send hand made greetings cards. This is one of greetings cards. This type of cards has nowadays become very popular and bears a special significance to the persons to whom the cards are sent. So long all off us were familiarized with printed cards and these innovative arts bears something new to the society.

The Handmade Greetings Cards are sent to close relatives, near and dear ones and to the corporate personnel. Handmade Greetings Cards is a type of greetings cards which is prepared by an individual and then it is send to the concerned persons. The Handmade Greetings Cards are not meant for profit motive but meant to express the individual creative desire of an individual.

There are various types of Handmade Greetings Cards. These are stated below:

  • Alligator Card- This type of card is an elegant type of hand made craft which can be used as a card. Ii is made from a piece of green construction paper.
  • Bird Beak or Pop up card- This type of card is just like the beak of the bird.
  • Card Display Fun- This is a easy type of preparing this card which is made from practical experience if any individual has.
  • Card Shutter- This type of card is made with one louver shutter with colors red or green. There is set of hanging Christmas bells or large festival ribbon bow which is fixed up on the card with glue and glue stick.
  • Crafty Cards
  • Curved Flap Envelope Card
  • Cute Cat Card
  • Delightful Dog Card
Handmade Greetings Card as already referred to is meant for corporate, social and various religious occasions. In the corporate one point is praiseworthy that those who have the talent of preparing new type of fine art products like handmade cards, bags, shoes, leather goods and also various other handicraft products. These people are highly respected in the company for this special talent.

There are mode of hand made greetings cards made by an individual. These are of different types. Quite a good number of them are mostly meant for wedding ceremonies. The names of the types are golden wedding boxed card, boxed card, graduation card, specific age card for children celebrating birthday, handmade card for parents silver and jubilee celebrations and the birthday of any specific person say niece, nephew and other close relatives.

We also know that the Hand Made Greetings cards fall under cottage sector industry. In this case we find that the prices will be cheaper. It is a purely blank type of cards with the content pertaining to the occasions is written by the sender himself or herself.

There are places of availability of Hand Made Greeting Cards Gallery. These are stated below:

  • Departmental Store
  • Malls
  • Co-operative Stores
  • Malls
  • Retail Shops