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Greeting cards have become an important symbol of unspoken expressions today. Written in an interesting and innovative style, words representing the messages that appear in the greeting cars have a uniqueness and vigor about them. While there are popular categories of cards like “I Love You cards”, “Missing You cards”, “Birthday cards, “Marriage Anniversary cards”, “Puja Greeting cards”, “Valentines Day” and many such forms, nowadays even greeting card such as “Welcome cards”, Get Well Soon cards”, “Congratulations cards”, “Sympathy cards” and “Floral Greeting cards” become quite popular and are sent to friends, well wishers and acquaintances depending upon the respective situations.

Since cards do represent a situation with their written expressions and that is done in a suave manner, the trend of using cards for different situations is becoming more and more popular. From countries like the US, UK, France, Germany to Scandinavian countries and even Asia and Africa, it continues to grow fast. So much so that greeting card has become an important component of gift items industry and some of these companies are earning millions of dollars besides being known all over the world.

Names like Hallmark, American Greetings, Cards Direct, Carlton Cards, Printed Expressions, Hammond Greetings, Archies Greetings, Bottman Design, Expresso Art, Paper Rose have become household names in the field of greeting cards. Many of these card companies have set up exclusive retail stores that display various forms of greeting cards. Some of them even have other greeting card gallery that provides for a vivid exhibition of cards depicting situations like Welcome or Get well Soon. While the former can be given to welcome someone, may be in an organization, a working place or even to a new place, the latter is a popular form of other greeting card. This card is given in the context of someone being unwell and a Get well Soon card along with a bouquet will surely strengthen the bonds between the giver and the recipient of the card. In addition to, it will also enliven the spirit of the person who is undergoing treatment or is unwell.

Congratulation card is another form of card that is given to someone to congratulate on some achievement that she has done. Sympathy cards and the message that appear on them are the most difficult to write and give. There could be a very difficult situation and s/he might have lost a near or dear one. Giving a sympathy card is very difficult but they can say where words fail and provide the best of solutions for many persons.

The greeting card retailing has emerged as a very lucrative business today and provide for substantial returns. The other greeting card gallery provides for a collection of all other forms of greeting cards besides the most sought after cards like “Missing You” and “I Love You” and the like. The customers do get the collection at one place and can choose cards of their liking. Hence, other greeting card gallery has become one of the popular forms of greeting cards gallery and makes good business.