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Types of Greeting Cards

Greeting cards have become a part and parcel of our social life and nowadays, we cannot even imagine a celebration of Christmas without them. Life without greeting cards would be pale and dull. But, buying the right card for the right person is not an easy job. And, the great card buyers have got sound knowledge on the types of greeting cards. Greeting cards can be broadly divided into printed or paper cards and online cards. The paper cards are displayed on the racks of the card shops while you have to search net for online cards. The paper cards and online cards can again be further divided into various sub divisions. Let make the things clear.

Printed or paper greeting cards and Online greeting cards are the two major types of greeting cards and the subdivisions include birthday cards, friendship cards, anniversary cards, kids cards, pet cards, wedding cards, festival cards like Diwali cards, Thanksgiving cards, Christmas cards, Halloween cards, Id cards and most importantly love cards. Both the card designs and contents vary from one type to another on the basis of the occasion and the relation you share with your receiver. A birthday card for your father would be different from your boyfriend. The birthday card for your boyfriend will be accompanied with love messages and symbols while the card for your father would be something different. In the first case, you are a beloved and in the second case, you are a loving daughter and so, the mode of addressing would be different. You will get relation specific cards for any occasion be it birthday or anniversary.

During festivals, you can expect good discounts from the card companies as at that time, the people usually go for huge number of cards. You would like to send a New year wishing card to all your near and dear ones and you have to buy separate card for each one of them. This is why, the card companies offer discounts to promote the card sell. Online greeting cards are available at free of cost. For online greeting cards, you just have to click the right option and type the receiver's e- mail address and send it.

It must be mentioned that it would not be possible to state the exact number for the types of greeting cards. There can be as many types of greeting cards as there are number of occasions. The Americans celebrate each and every day of the year to add color to stressful life. And, so, you will get a card even on “Shampoo Day” and “Take your ass on a walk day” in America. Corporate cards is surely a significant aspect of the types of greeting cards. Corporate cards are given to the employees by the employers on special festivals like New Year or Diwali. The employees can also wish the employers on Boss's Day with great corporate cards. In short, the range of the types of greeting cards cannot be defined.